Eternal Summers Wanna Be Your Tugboat Captain

For some reason, I keep seeing the Eternal Summers described as sunny, beachy garage rock.  The music blog police should be retracting blogger’s licenses for such egregiously erroneous statements.  I doubt that Eternal Summers have ever recorded or played on a beach or in a garage.  They are more reclusive basement rock, probably preferring to play in only damp basements under the light of a single pull-string bulb instead of natural light.

After a 10″ EP released earlier this year on Chimney Sweep that caught my attention, the Roanoak, Virginia duo follow it up with their first album Silver which is to be released on Kanine Records on September 28th.  Listening to Silver I hear a ton of influences and most of them are early 90’s references.  The Spinanes come to mind first, but maybe because the Spinanes were a boy/girl, guitar/drums duo too. Nicole Yun has a big strong voice that implants her easy melodies quickly into your long-term memory. Sometimes she sounds exactly like Bridgette Cross, and her ringing, jangling, well spaced guitars reinforce the Unrest comparisons and invite some Young Marble Giants too.    Their name may give the impression that they revel in sunshine and chase the summer round the globe, but their sound belies a moodier disposition, one that secretly wishes for gray skies, and constant drizzle. Weather that provides the perfect excuse to sit alone at home listening to these songs on a gray day, like you use to do with Galaxy 500, Throwing Muses and the like.

mp3: Eternal Summers – Dye

mp3: Eternal Summers – Pogo

Head over to Kanine Records to order Silver and the digital single Pogo which comes with two exclusive B-sides one of them a Beatles cover.

In other Eternal Summers news, they have recorded a version of  the  Guided By Voices song A Salty Salute that can be found on the new Guided by Voices tribute tape on Wild Animal Kingdom…which appears to be sold out already.

One comment

  1. aj · September 15, 2010

    sweet! thanks, just pre-ordered mine. . .i hope it’s not like a year in the making. Thanks again for putting me up for a few days it was great to see you and the fam. Keep me posted on what’s up

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