The Lucksmiths Have Gone To Bed

I feel like i never got to say a proper good bye to the Lucksmiths. After announcing last year that they were calling it quits, the band did a victory lap tour in Europe and Australia, but didn’t make it to US. The world is a big place after all, and touring the States ain’t exactly a walk in the park. Not that I would have done it, but out of curiosity I did look to see how much airplane tickets were to Spain last summer to see one of their farewell gigs. It wasn’t cheap. Much less expensive than a flight to Spain, the Lucksmiths have decided to serve up one final bite of their gentle, heartwarming adroit pop as a 7″ single to put a nice bow on their 16 year career. I’m guessing that these are the last couple songs in the Luckmsiths’ vault, since they thoroughly cleaned it out with the double disc Spring a Leak back in 2007.

The parting shot is two songs. The B-side contains the intriguingly titled The World of Professional Golf 1994 and could be previously found as part of the Lifted Brow magazine. It has an early Bee Gee’s sounding guitar riff and does its job of reminding me of spending a rainy Sunday afternoon inside watching golf in some sunny local on TV, but probably closer to 1984 for me. The A-side is the pensive Get-to-Bed Birds which appeared on the Matinee compilation Grand Prix and was the last song main songwriter Marty Donald wrote for the band. The swirling guitar appropriately gives an autumnal feel to the song as the final leaves fall from the Lucksmiths’ tree.

mp3: The Lucksmiths – Get-to-Bed Birds

The single is limited to 1000 copies, 500 from Matinée in the US and 500 from Lost & Lonesome in Australia.

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