Join the Orca Team

You’ve just entered high school gymnasium, it could be the 50’s or an old Twin Peaks set, but the band up on the stage is dressed in period clothes and their moonlit, minimal bass heavy sound has just caused you to swoon. A girl in a poodle skirt and a ponytail comes up and asks you to dance. The band bounces along adding some heavenly ooohhhs to the chorus. You say yes to the girl because you can’t believe your luck. Yeah the girl is a dame, but the band is really where it’s at. You’d probably dance with anyone they’re so good.

Portland’s Orca Team may be throwbacks to a bygone era, but they incorporate some more modern references into their sound like Unrest, Sea Lions and a little bit of Beat Happening. I recently found out about them when I was checking to see who was opening for the Intelligence at the Funhouse on 16 October. Mainly seeing if I could come up with a good excuse to go see them again. Orca Team has provided the perfect excuse, and now that I’ve had their album Let It Go on repeat for the past several days, I think I may be going to see them instead of the Intelligence.

mp3: Orca Team – Let It Go

mp3: Orca Team – Shane (dig the Bararism Begins At Home-like break down in this one)

Order up a copy of the self-released Let It Be from their MySpace.

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