“I don’t believe you.  You’re just too good to be true.” are the first lines on Kellies just released third album.  That was my exact thought when I heard them.  It seems Everette True has been writing about this Argentinian band Kellies for the last year, but not many have picked up on them. Surprising, very surprising. Maybe it’s because finding their records is near impossible if you aren’t living in Argentina, or maybe it’s because True isn’t part of the right blog clique. The band have just released their third album in Argentina and though you will be hard pressed to find it at your local record store, you can find it on bandcamp.

My advice is to head straight there and do not pass go, especially if you’re someone prone to buying properties like Gang of Four, Wire, and the Raincoats you will want to take a chance on Kellies. They are like a legit Elastica, post punk punks who write taught, angular party songs like Chicks On Speed with a little Butter 08/Cibo Matto spread on top. If all that coded babble means nothing to you give these three songs a listen and you’ll mortgaging some property or at least reaching for your credit card.

mp3: Kellies – Prince In Blue (from Kellies)

mp3: Kellies –  Bling Bling (from Kellies)

mp3: Kellies – Rebaixes (from Kalimera)

Their self-titled third album is available from bandcamp.

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