Kelley Stoltz Still Keeping the Flame

For a while there, you couldn’t turn on the TV without one of Kelley Stoltz‘  songs blaring from the boob tube being used to hock credit cards, hotels, Volvos and Viagra (not true). My guess is that about 70% of of Kelley Stoltz fans do marketing for a living. The rest of us do other stuff. To Dreamers is Kelly Stoltz third album for Sub Pop and number six overall if you’re counting. The man is still fastidiously solo, in his house crafting multilayered pop songs all alone and getting by with a little help from his friends when necessary. The guy is meticulous, every listen seems to provide some new found sound on every listen.

While To Dreamers is primarily a guitar album, Stoltz incorporates horns into a handful of the songs. The effect is subtle, and they are so deftly employed that you sometimes think they’re another guitar. On the opening Rock & Roll With Me I didn’t notice them until the second or third listen. I Like, I Like features a saxophone right up front, but not in your face like Springsteen and John Cafferty. You almost have to struggle to hear it near the end of the song, instead of it breaking out into some kind crazy solo.

The Kinks, Beach Boys and Harry Nilson are still ever-present in Stoltz’s antique glow, but he seems to be broadening his pallet this time out, because I swear I hear some Electric Light Orchestra (Rock & Roll with Me), Fred Neil (Pinecone), Bowie (Fire Escape), and Krautrock (Keeping the Flame) not to mention a bit of post punk droning in places. When he’s not being a rock n’ roll star, Stoltz works in a record store in San Francisco, and you see how the dusty stacks of vinyl seep into his mind and keep expand his musical horizons. To Dreamers benefits from Stoltz’ ever expanding musical palette,  making it a more varied record and so far, my favorite of his albums. The record ends with the pensive Bottle Up which gives a nod with it’s baritone guitar to Jack Nitzsche‘s Lonely Surfer. Stoltz’ sixth  album is another solo triumph, shooting the curl at some obscure California break. I just hope that there are some people back on the beach watching besides those in the TV commercial making business.

mp3: Kelley Stoltz – I Don’t Get That

Pre-order the record from Sub Pop and get a bonus CD containing 5 unreleased songs. Stoltz will also be in town on Monday, October 18 for a gig at the Crocodile.

Stream: To Dreamers

Check out this video made by Yours Truly about the making of To Dreamers. Sounds like Mikey from Eddy Current Suppression Ring turned Kelley onto doing the cover of “Big Boy” Pete Miller’s Baby I Got News for You.


  1. bill pearis · October 6, 2010

    the “everybody’s talking” vibe on “pinecone” is pretty undeniable.

    dude was hilarious last week when i went to see him.

    • Toby · October 6, 2010

      First I thought Pinecone sounded like a Moose song, then I realized it sounded like Moose’s version of Everybody’s Talkin’.

  2. Danika Holmes · October 7, 2010

    You definitely can’t go wrong with a little bit of horns mixed into a primarily guitar album. Found your site through Cyber PR-Ariel Hyatt. Would love for you to check out my site at

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