Taking It To the Banque

A German band with a French name for a German bank? Guitars that sound like they’ve been coughed up, spit out and then gurgle down the drain? Seemingly as obscure in their native Germany as they are here in the States? Have you been looking for such a thing? If  you answered yes to one or more of those questions and  like Big Black, the kiwi noise of the Gordons, early Gang of Four, the urban decay of Tyvek and like keeping a German to English dictionary handy then Banque Allemande are for you.

Sacramento’s S-S Records has plucked this seemingly willfully obscure German band from the subway cars and hamburger grills of Berlin to release their first full length record that’s been years in the making. If you’ve ever wondered what a grease soaked maelstrom that slides off the rails sounds like in German look no further than Banque Allemande.

mp3: Banque Allemande – Geld Wie Wir (Order up a copy of Eins, Zwei on vinyl from S-S or digitally from Midhaven.)

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