Forget the Season Go See Summer Babes Friday

Summer Babes appeared this summer seemingly out of nowhere with an EP they put up on bandcamp.   I got sucked in by the undeniable pop hypnosis of their song Crack Habit and ponied up the $5 for a download and was not disappointed. The Babes are lead by Jeff Albertson who sings sometimes in the Lights but mostly plays bass in that band.  Summer Babes are his outlet for the songs that don’t fit into the Lights’ prickly, sharp edged design.    Their EP is full of laid back, wistful and nostalgic songs that are easy to like.  They even incorporate some reggae (or is it Pere Ubu‘s version of reggae?) into their sound on the song Bad News. Reggae aside, they’ve got kind of a 90’s thing going on and Albertson’s voice reminds me a little bit of Buffalo Tom‘s Bill Janovitz and he knows how to turn a pop hook which makes this EP pretty easy on the ears.

I can’t help but think seeing them live will put a smile on your face.  They’ll be playing at the Comet Tavern this Friday along with the Redwood Plan and Night Train if you are so inclined.

mp3: Summer Babes – Crack Habbit (from their self-titled EP)

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