Hoping For Cold Weather

In his review of the new Sweater Girls single the Heaven is Above Your Head blog brought up how the drums in their songs could possible be the worst ever in the recorded history of pop.  For some reason that made me laugh.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they are the worst ever maybe a bit monochromatic but I think that adds to their charm. They’re kind of fluffy and fuzzy like a frayed polyester sweater of the vintage type.  Probably found in some junk shop having been thrown out  after being found in someone’s attic and rescued by the Sweater Girls.

Los Angeles’ Sweater Girls evoke that time in our not so distant history when girls were breaking out of the sterile confines of the 50’s and recording technology wasn’t so great so I can forgive them for the drums.  Their understated melodies and charming guitars also go a long way in making me overlook the rudimentary recording.  As with the first single, Athens, Georgia label Happy Happy Birthday To Me are doing the honors for their second single.  It’s another three songs that easily rival their first single.

mp3: Sweater Girls – Return Address (order up a hard copy of the new single from HHBTM)


  1. Daniel · January 6, 2011

    Hey you think you can re-up this? the mp3 seems damaged and just stops both when streaming and when playing a download of it :(

    • Toby · January 6, 2011

      thanks for the heads up. the mp3 should be working now.

  2. David · January 7, 2011

    How can anyone complain about the drum work? This is a twee band, so everything they do will be a bit amateurish, but it all adds up to a very sweet pop tune. Thanks for the post by the way, I really need to buy more HHBTM releases.

    • Toby · January 8, 2011

      Buy more HHBTM stuff, sounds like a good new year’s resolution to me. They’ve definitely been putting out some good stuff.

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