I remember this time I was lost north of Boston trying to get to Salem to check out a witch trial and the House of the Seven Gables. I stopped at a gas station to get directions and the guy at the station told me to go through Puberty, and stay straight to get to Salem. Looking at the map, I couldn’t find Puberty. So I ask him, “Where’s Puberty?” He tells me to just keep going down the road I’m on and it’s the next town. I show him the map and say I don’t see a Puberty on the map. He points at Peabody and says it’s right here.

If you’re looking for a new Intelligence single, you won’t find it. Instead, Lars Finberg and Susanna Welbourne of the Intelligence have a new band called Puberty. Last winter the band debuted themselves at Trainwreck which was a series of dance parties slash shows they put on in a set of train cars south of downtown Seattle. While not a far cry from the Intelligence, Puberty open things up a bit more and look to Tones on Tail and Funboy Three for inspiration. Finberg and Wellbourne sing and are backed up by some Seattle ringers that include Dave Hernandez (Shins & now Intelligence) on guitar Curtis James (Old Haunts) on drums, Drew Church (Cops) on bass and Michael Jaworski (Cops, Sunset Booker and Mt Fuji owner) on keyboards. The first single from Puberty is due on Toronto, Canada’s Telephone Explosion.  The two songs on the single are miles beyond the demo’s that were floating around last year at this time.  Check out Invitations below with it’s spaghetti western guitar intro and watch Telephone Explosion‘s site for ordering information any day now.

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