Not Loafing

Down in Portland, apparently there’s a band called Archers that likes to post videos by the likes of  the Sound, the Chills, Chameleons, Magazine, dB’s, Soft Boys and Christmas among others (wonder if they’re into the Embarrassment and Number One Cup too) on their Tumbr.  The building blocks are obviously there and based on this song they’re building high and fast.  Evil City Music is 2 minutes 45  of diving and slicing guitars, amphetamine fueled vocals that builds to a mad crescendo and then flips itself on its back flails around and sadly ends.   The band have one single to date which you can get via their bandcamp page and apparently they’ve hooked up with Heavenly Records in the UK who will be releasing a single and Portland’s Eggy Records who will be including a song from them on an upcoming four-way split single.

Thanks to yvynl for the heads up.

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