Bulbous Saccharine Sounds

Sometimes I’ll have mp3’s laying around on my computer that I have no idea where they came from. The computer will be playing on shuffle and something will come up that I don’t recognize it. Then I’ll be gobsmacked at how good it is, and wonder where the hell I got it. That happened more than a couple times with Sweet Bulbs. I had a couple songs that I probably downloaded either from Skatterbrain or Gorilla vs Bear. While I was downloading, one of my kids screamed about something and I promptly forgot to listen to them. Months pass by, then Kissing Clouds comes up on shuffle and I’m finally hooked. Better late than never I suppose.

Not to let my serendipity go to waste I thought I would post a couple songs by this band from the greater NYC environs that you can pack away on your hard drive to discover at some later point. Of course if you are a shoegaze fan with a penchant for the Lilys before they went mod and the Swirlies before Seana left then you may want to intentionally listen to Sweet Bulbs right now and on purpose. Their album just came out on Blackburn and is ten songs of swirling rampaging maelstrom guitars and distant, slightly reverbed, and mostly girl vocals. Honestly these songs sound like they could have been recorded with vintage 90’s equipment and one of them plucked out to be included on One Last Kiss.

mp3: Sweet Bulbs – Kissing Clouds

mp3: Sweet Bulbs – Down On My Life

Order the album from Blackburn Records, vinyl edition of 500.

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