Sons of Kong

I have Boat news and bad news.  The BOAT news is the band have a new single out on Magic Marker, the bad news is that after landing in Federal Way, King Kong is in Seattle. He just busted down Denny, and has now climbed to the top the Space Needle. He’s plucked a Kenmore Air sea plane from the sky and is wreaking general havoc at the Seattle Center.  Where’s Fay Wray? Why does Kong look like he’s bigger than the Space Needle? Which version of King Kong is this exactly?  Obviously it’s a “B” movie version,  Plan 9 from Outer Space style. I think I see a zipper under Kong’s arm.

Ok, I’ll cut the monkey talk. The new BOAT single is called (I’ll Beat My Chest Like) King Kong and is available on glorious red, black, and  white 7-inch vinyl. It’s obviously their “A” list material and is a taster from their upcoming fourth album Dress Like Your Idols.  You can order up the single now from Magic Marker and put a reminder in your smart phone to buy the album on March 22nd.

mp3: Boat – (I’ll Beat My Chest Like) King Kong

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