Seattle’s Webelos have just released their first album, Shadow Seasons.  It’s a quirky little critter that took a few plays to make an impact, but since that awkward first meetin Shadow Seasons and I have become quite comfortable with one another. Webelos sound like they could have been on Teenbeat back in the 90’s when Unrest and Eggs were around.   The record is half instrumentals, that the band really let loose on, creating little groovy numbers that are perfect for a little two-step in the kitchen.  They incorporate a vaguely TeenBeat/Factory groove with their tightly wound rhythms while at the same time maintaining an element of nerdiness to their songs that at times reminds me of the Monochrome Set.  This record is total fun in a music geek kind of way (they have a song called Yo La Mango), but even if you’re not one of those, the Webelos’ Shadow Seasons has way about it that could thaw the coldest of hearts and at the very least will put a bounce in your step as you walk over the frozen tundra.  Scouts honor!

mp3: The Webelos – Hansel and Gretel

Order up a digital download of Shadow Seasons at the Webelos’ bandcamp page or hit up Sonic Boom up for a CD, and watch a video for If You Choose To Stay while you’re at it.

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