Lights Out

A while ago I noticed that the Funhouse Concert Calendar stated:  The Lights Say “See you later… probably much later.”  I figured that could either mean they were going off on a long tour or they were calling it quits.  Unfortunately the later turned out to be the case when I got the email from the band that said while they were not officially breaking up the band, they were going an indefinite hiatus. Their album Failed Graves from last year was number 20 in my year end countdown and what I wrote seems apropos for enticing you to head down to the Funhouse one last time to see them live:

The Lights have been trolling around the seedy side Seattle for quite a while.  Ten years on and Failed Graves is only the band’s third album but my favorite so far.  There were more than a couple times this year when I was standing either in the Funhouse or the Sunset watching them storm through a set thinking that they were the best live band going in Seattle right now.  Craig Chambers in a suit looking like a huckster that plays a mean guitar, Jeff Albertson fiercely clutching his well worn bass while PJ Rogalski wailed on the drums.

The Lights can truly conjure cathartic energy at will with their songs and they will be missed. If you are in Seattle you should turn up at the Funhouse this Friday, 25 February to partake in their going away party.  Their demise seems to have been precipitated by drummer PJ Rogalski moving to Montana.  Albertson will still be around with his new band Summer Babes and Chambers has both Love Tan and Le Sang Song to him busy, but Friday night for one last time  it’s all about the Lights.  They’re planning an extra long set and are still taking requests over at their Facbook page. So hit them up for your favorite song and then be there on Friday to hear it.

Here are a handful of Lights favorites:

mp3: The Lights – Gingerella (from Failed Graves)

mp3: The Lights – Icy Run (from Diamonds and Dirt)

mp3: The Lights – Victims of the Pleasure of the Sense of Hearing (from Beautiful Bird)

Buy some Lights records from their label Wantage.


  1. Secret South · February 24, 2011

    When is the last show?

    • Toby · February 24, 2011

      this friday, february 25.

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