Peace Is Aeroplane Blue

I know the Blue Aeroplanes are still around dolling out their beatnik bop art, because I saw them down in Texas last year, so I’m pretty sure that main aeroplane Gerard Langly hasn’t relocated to Vancouver, BC. The other day, I got an email from Pop Echo (who brought us Outdoor Miners) up in the great white north about a record they’re putting out by Vancouver, BC band Peace that had me seeing blue.

These Canadian fellows construct sharp cornered grooves that give singer/talker/poet Dan Geddes room to rant. His words sometimes make sense, and sometimes not. Sometimes it’s a story you can follow, others it’s more like a stream of conscious, but obviously a refined stream with lines like: Go Dance on the tracks of the railway station…Moss and soil for blankets and carpeting. Since Geddes is a talker a lot of the melodies are handled by the guitars, which for someone like me that focuses on the singing first, took a few listens to make themselves known to me. So I didn’t immediately connect with the album, but its ability to stand out from today’s standard fare kept me coming back to it until it had totally won me over which it obviously has.

mp3: Peace – The Dark (order up a copy of the limited vinyl edition from Pop Echo)

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