Riddle of 90’s

The 90’s indie rock resurgence continues and I feel nearly half my age, or maybe twice my age.  No matter, the kids are still rocking out just like they use to only it’s new kids, at least in this case. In many cases it’s the kids from back then that are still rocking out too.  Hell, everyone’s rocking out these days, GBV, Sebahoh, Versus, Archers of Loaf, Pavment, et. al.  It never went out of style. Rock! Rock! Rock! Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, for all time.

You’re well aware of the old guys above. Mazes (not the US Mazes on Parasol) are some new guys who started up in Manchester way back in 2009. They’ve done a handful of singles that are long sold out, and are getting ready to release their first album on Fat Cat.  It’s called A Thousand Heys, and it’s the kind of  record will take you back to the 90’s and if your too young to remember that time it will make a great soundtrack for creating memories in the here and now.  Songs like Go-Betweens (not a reference to the band as far as I can tell) and Bowie Knives were great singles that haven’t grown old and newer ones like Surf and Turf, Most Days and Boxing Clever demonstrate that the band have no shortage of songs in their frayed jeans pockets.

mp3: Mazes – Most Days (pre-order A Thousand Heys)

You can also pick up Most Days on 7-inch single, which is advisable because it contains the pretty killer B-side Shit Priest.  It contains a Fall reference which I’m always a sucker for:  “I never met Mark E Smith, but I met loads of folk guys”.  I never did either, but as my friend Bill reminded me I did crash his dressing room.  I’d forgotten about that little incident, it was way back in the 90’s.

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