Ex-Insulating Agents

Detroit’s Tyvek are not your typical punks. Back in 2007 on their What’s Your Rupture double single they indirectly posed the question: Why did Tyvek Go to the Whole Foods? It was kind of like asking why did the chicken cross the road? Were they hungry? Did they have spray paint in their bags? Jobs? We’re they planning to do some damage?   There was no point in even pondering. It was what it was.

Tyvek’s  discombobulated trajectory continues after albums on Siltbreeze and In the Red a new single has emerged on the French label Les Disques Steak.  It’s three songs that continue to keep you guessing. Inter City Walks is my favorite with it’s manic riffs and Kevin Boyer’s vocals to match. You know that inter city walks are not strolls through the park.  It’s more of a running from cover to cover as you try to get from point a to point b as the guitars fall apart.  Now that I really think about it, I doubt that there’s a Whole Foods within 20 miles of Tyvek’s house. There may be a 7-11.  The more important question is should you cross the street to get this new single?  Most definitely, mail order if necessary!

Place your order for the new Tyvek single from Les Disques Steak

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