I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Mike Sniper Quite Well

German Measles come off like a ramshackle party band live, and on record they…come off like a ramshackle party band. Singer Nik Curtin has a flat dry delivery that kind of reminds of Mark E Smith, though he’s nowhere near as tone deaf. Formerly known as the Japanese Beetles, the band changed their name to German Measles after a heckler at a show  came up with it.  The band have put out an EP on Captured Tracks and a single on Wild World and are set to release their first long player on brand new label Krazy Punx (Krazy Punx is a collaboration of What’s Your Rupture and former members of Seattle’s Coconut Coolouts) called A German Joke is No Laughing Matter.   The band contain two dudes formerly in Cause Co-Motion so you know they’ve got some C-86 cred.  Their sly indie humor reminds me of the Television Personalities and the Pooh Sticks and their pop chops deliver the goods in a consumer friendly biodegradable package.  This is rudimentary rock that is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face and skip in your step.  Totally Mild  turns the Fall‘s Totally Wired on it’s head while Average is an ode to mediocrity that should have been written in by someone back in the slacker heyday. Moscow Street is punk ode to Chinatown, and Olivia’s Eyes trips the garage psychedelia in the same way that last years Colour Vibration (which makes an appearance in a re-recorded version). The German Measles know how throw a party and they really don’t care if you come, but based on this evidence I wouldn’t miss it.

mp3: German Measles – Average (get yourself sick, order up A German Joke is No Laughing Matter from Krazy Punx)

In other Krazy Punx news the fledgling label is also putting out records by Silver Shampoo and Bill Cosby & His White Pudding Pops.  Here in Seattle, the Cocounut Coolouts and TacocaT have formed a Pudding Pops tribute band that played last week.  I missed it, so I’m hoping they play again.  You can check out a video I shot of them a while back at Chop Suey when the Coolouts opened for Personal and the Pizzas and the Spits.

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