Sticking To Your Teeth

Atlanta’s Gold-Bears are back with another 7-inch slab of pop. This time it’s a four song ep on Cloudberry.  Their pop still pops and comparisons to Boyracer, Wedding Present and bands that recorded in Mitch Easter’s Drive-In Studio still apply. Gold-bears have this knack for jamming their size 10 guitars  into a size five widget which gives them an endearing warped crunchy tone that jars and soothes at the same time.  So Natural is the best of the lot here with a good chorus and ringing guitar solo.  I also dig the slower meandering b-side Yeah, Tonight.  Look for their debut long player  Are You Falling In Love? due in May Slumberland.  In the meantime head on over to Clourdberry to get this.

mp3: Gold-Bears – Something To Think About (7-inch on Cloudberry)

Here’s a video the band made for So Natural:

One comment

  1. Kevin Williams · March 25, 2011

    Is it just me, or do his vocals remind one of Pete Townshend? I love this!

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