Love Boat Is Back (And It’s Not a Re-Run)

With all this Boat talk it’s beginning to look like fleet week around here.  Italy’s Love Boat are back with not one but two new records.  The big one is new album on Germany’s Alien Snatch records.  It’s called Love Is Gone and is a slight progression from their previous album Imaginary Beatings.  Before they were a loveable ramshackle punk band with twangy songs.  On the new album that description still applies for some of the songs, but they’ve gotten a bit more subtle and suave.  There’s some west coast psychedlia that nods to bands like Love and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and the Byrds.  If we’re talking present day, fans of  the Fresh & Onlys, Beets and Dead Ghosts will no doubt be booking flights to Sardinia, Italy to see these guys play since seeing them in the States seems like a pipe dream.

mp3: Love Boat – Modern Ties (from Love Is Gone – order physical products from Alien Snatch or get the mp3 version from Amazon)

But wait, that’s not all!  Love Boat also have new a four song 7-inch out on Shit Music For Shit People.  When it rains it pours.

mp3: Love Boat – You Know I Really Want You (order your copy of the single from Shit Music For Shit People)

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