Sippin’ on Gin and Juice

If you live in Seattle you are probably aware that the Long Winters‘ John Roderick writes a semi-weekly column for the Seattle Weekly.  This week’s column was about all of the unsung bands in Seattle playing gigs on lonely Tuesday nights with no one taking any notice.  I wish I had the young stamina to make it out regularly on a Tuesday and Wednesday night for the known and the unknown. Case in point I missed Davila 666 last night because I opted for sleep. I digress.  There was a link in Roderick’s column to an ongoing series where the Weekly is reviewing Tuesday night shows around town of virtually unknown bands. The one that jumped out at me was Posse. Maybe it was the hand drawn photo or maybe it was because they played a show I had wanted to see with Colleen Green and Fergus & Geronimo at the Sunset a few weeks back but missed because of it’s school night scheduling.

The whole point of that previous rambling paragraph was to to tell you about how I found out about Posse. I wonder if they’re named after the Sir Mix-A-Lot song? Are they keeping the indiepop-hip hop connection alive? Anyone remember Sissy Bar‘s version of Gin and Juice?  No Matter. Posse are fully formed at six months.  They’ve definitely got a 90’s thing going that hits a sweat spot in me these days.  The boy-girl vocals are reminiscent of both Yo La Tengo and Versus.  Sacha Maxim has such a sweet voice that makes me weak in the knees the way Fontain Toups and Bridget Cross use to do and Paul Witmann kinda sounds like Mark Mulcahy of Miracle Legion. There’s a slight jangle and country element  with a hint of ramshackle  to their sound that conjures up so many great bands of the past, but as you know influences are a dime a dozen. It’s the songs that count and Posse excel in that capacity too (evidence below).  Yeah, Tullycraft may have called it quits, but with Math & Physics Club, Seapony, Webelos and now Posse, their is no dearth of indiepop in Seattle!

mp3: Posse – Interesting Idea No. 2

mp3: Posse – Sarah

Head over to Posse’s Bandcamp page where you can download a few more songs, and see them at the Funhouse this Sunday night, April 3rd.

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