Get Up Go Out Do It Again

Charles Leo Gebhardt was unfaithful back in 2009 and he was so good at it that he’s back asking forgiveness and wanting to Begin Again. In case you missed the last installment, Gebhardt’s Unfaithful EP came out on the Seattle label GGNZLA two years ago. It was hailed in some dusty corners of the internet as Kinks inspired pop done right.

Mr. Gebhardt is back with another bundle of songs he’s calling Begin Again. There is no letdown in quality on these eight new songs. Things get off to a rollicking good start with Chapel of Roses. Gebhardt can tell a story and make it feel like you’re in the midst of it drinking dollar beers with him. He’s also no stranger to the double entendre and Stand Behind You makes use of a good one while musically slowing things down and mellowing them out with the utmost confidence. Chardonnay, another standout evokes some heady 20’s inspired speak-easy. Gebhardt seems to excel at creating a timeless feel to his songs. They sound like they’re from another time while at the same time they’re in your face with a touch of reverb to let you know that it’s the 21st century. It’s like if powerpop were a genre back in the 20’s. You can be certain that Gebhardt would have been playing it in the corner of some speakeasy in Seattle.

mp3: Charles Leo Gebhardt – Chapel of Roses (from Begin Again)

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