Do the Mash Potato on the Gravy Rainbow

You smoke pot and you’re sleeping in, mid-afternoon with your friends down in parliment…
You want to be a writer, but you’re not very good…
You went on a tour with a band. I had kids I’m a family man…
You fill your house with the records you own. That sounds kinda sad…

Lil’ Chief Records, the lil’ label down in New Zealand that brought us Ruby Suns, Reduction Agents, Brunettes, Voom and Lawrence Arabia among others have just release the first EP from Wellingon’s the Eversons. They are four guys that sound like they know their native pop history and cleanly sprinkle it with chunks of pavement. In addition to their impeccable pop hooks, they’ve got a sense of humor that is reminiscent of the Pooh Sticks and Art Brut. What’s not to like especially if your an awkward kid with a sensitive side and a strange trainspotter sense of humor?

mp3: The Eversons – Gravy Rainbow

mp3: The Eversons – I’m a Conservative

Make sure you head over to the Lil’ Chief Bandcamp page to get The Eversons EP.

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