You Want Fries With That?

There was a time you could get 7-inch singles from fast food restaurants. I distinctly remember getting a couple records from Burger King when I was a kid. One had Chic, Leif Garret, Roberta Flack and Genesis and the other one had Abba, the Spinners, Firefall and England Dan and John Ford Coley. I think I may have been partial to the Abba and Spinners single, but I was too young to care whether the music was any good. I was just excited to have a record of my own to put on my parents’ record player.  I don’t remember McDonalds ever giving away records but who knows what next year’s Record Store Day might bring?

In other news, three former burger flippers from the likes of Bright Lights, Oxford Collapse and Cause Co-Motion have gotten together and formed a band and named themselves after the golden arches. McDonalds have just released their first single on the fledgling Oh Wow records.  The druggy, danceable, psychedelic haze coming off this thing will have you wondering if it’s the late 60’s, or the late 80’s. Get your copy from Oh Wow before they’re sued and have to change their name.

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