Boomgates Speaking My Language

Boomgates,  the Australian supergroup for trainspotters are back with their second single, this time on the San Francisco label SmartGuy Records. Last year’s Bright Idea was a beauty and their second single is like it’s better looking sister.  Boomgates are Brendan Huntly who you will undoubtedly be familiar with as the singer of Eddy Current Suppression Ring teaming up with Steph Hughes of Dick Diver as well as member of the Twerps, Teen Archer, and Trial Kennedy.
Layman’s Terms is my favorite of the two songs. The combination of Huntly and Hughes reminds me of the Mekons and Comet Gain, and the song itself is firmly rooted in a lineage that can be traced back to Brisbane’s Go-Betweens. With a song like Layman’s Terms, the other side could be crap and it would still be a great single, but instead it’s the driving more Eddy Current like Nothing which works itself up into quite a maelstrom and leaves you with no other option than flipping the record over for another go. I hope these guys have a stash of songs that they’re sitting on just waiting to unleash on us, because these two singles have really got me wanting a lot more from the Boomgates.

mp3: Boomgates – Layman’s Terms (Order up a copy of the record from SmartGuy Records)


  1. David · May 12, 2011

    I say potential single of the year. Don’t you think? Those songs are simply perfect.

    • Toby · May 15, 2011

      Could be, haven’t heard anything better than Layman’s Terms this year. It’s an early favorite right now.

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