Messages from the 80’s

photo from icki’s photostream

The 80’s done this well doesn’t happen too often, but this debut single from Andy Human will have you feeling like you weren’t even born yet (or 15 in my case). Andy Human is one of the current projects of Andy Jordan (his other being LENZ) who was in the bay area band the Cuts and Time Flys.  The two songs on the single go for the Hughes jugular with their mix of The The, Microdisney, OMD and John Foxx era Ultravox.

mp3: Andy Human – Toy Man (get your copy on vinyl or mp3 at Midheaven)

In other Hughes/80’s/teen movie news, I saw that the 7 inch single that John Hughes sent to his fan club of Beat City by Flowerpot Men around the time he made Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is going for a cool $300 on eBay.  No soundtrack for the movie was ever released making that single the only place you can find a hard copy of that excellent song. If you don’t remember the song, it was in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off after they get Sloane from school and are cruising on the freeway in Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari into Chicago.

mp3: Flowerpot Men – Beat City


  1. bill p · May 10, 2011

    whoa…$300 bucks! And I own one.

    and this andy human track is really good. super-omd.

    • Toby · May 11, 2011

      That seems like a crazy price especially if the description is to be believed that Hughes had 100,000 of these pressed. That 100,000 can’t be right. Probably more like a 1000. Anyone have one they want to unload for significantly less than $300? Alas, I was never a member of the John Hughes fan club.

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