Terry Malts Sez

I wondered why the press release for the new Terry Malts single was so sketchy. All this stuff about them being mysterious and no one knowing who these enigmatic bay area punks were. It’s not like they’re wearing giant eyeballs on their heads when they play. So why the obfuscation? Are they trying to keep it a secret because their boss doesn’t like moonlighting? At first I thought it was a Weekend side project where they shoveled some dirt away from their melodies, but it turns out it’s a Magic Bullets side project where they shovel some dirt on top of their melodies.

Terry Malts are a trio of bullets who shed their Orange Juice affectations and don a punk rock leather jacket with Ramones and Redd Kross badges on it.  The Go-Betweens were never considered punks, but the chorus of Distracted is a dead ringer for Lee Remick.

mp3: Terry Maltz – Distraction (from their debut Slumberland single)

[audio http://home.comcast.net/~finestkiss3/chansons/TerryMalts-Distracted.mp3]


  1. bill p · May 19, 2011

    aha! MBs made a snide comment about Terry Malts on Twitter… it all makes sense now. Good detective work.

  2. Toby · May 19, 2011

    Sign me up for the indiepoppolice.

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