Now and Then and Fun Deficit

There’s an interesting exhibit entitled Now and Then at the Seattle Museum of History and Industry that takes historical Seattle photos from the past and displays them next to a current day picture taken from the same location. It’s an exhibit that gives you a real sense of place and makes history almost palpable. The other day I had a similar now and then experience brought on by a couple of songs.

Fun Deficit is essentially¬†Mike Morrissey who is from both upstate New York and Oregon at the same time (magic). He sings about his friend Joe who has gone off to DC, present day DC. His friend works for the Department of Energy and plays tennis. H Street is now the cool place to live. Joe is in love and probably buys his music off of iTunes and doesn’t even know where the nearest record store is. There is no Vinyl Ink, Go! or Yesterday & Today any more to follow girls around to see what kind of records they buys. Today you download records and then blog about them on Tumblr so your friends/strangers can like/re-blog it.

What am I trying to say? I guess that things change, and you tend to forget about the past until a song or photo jars your memory. Fun Deficit’s Joe At Work did just that. The song is sweet vignette of the life of a friend in another town. The simple guitar and meandering melody bring to mind another song about DC written roughly ten years ago by the Sprites.

mp3: Fun Deficit – Joe At Work

mp3: The Sprites – Following Her Around

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