Pricks in a Car: Useless Eaters’ Daily Commute

The Useless Eaters have just put out one of the best punk albums of the year. Hopefully you didn’t miss it because of all the hubub around that prog band from Toronto. Useless Eaters are the brainchild of Seth Sutton, a comrade of Jay Reatard‘s (He accompanied Reatard on his final tour). The record is called Daily Commute and it is full of short sharp shocks in the vein of Wire‘s Pink Flag and early Damned (or for you youngsters, RIYL Tyvek). The riffs are jagged, and the songs stick in your head with their fist pumping, angst-filled choruses. Daily Commute has an obvious angular, English punk influence and sounds like it was recorded in a basement sometime in ’77 with tape hiss permeating the mix.  The previous Useless Eaters singles showed promise without quite delivering, this record delivers on the promise with every song being an intense punch in the face.

mp3: Useless Eaters – Daily Commute (from the album Daily Commute)

More Useless Eaters info:

Here’s a good interview with Seth Sutton from last year.

If you end up loving this record, be sure to check out the Useless Eaters compilation entitled Cheap Talk: The Singles which assembles all of their singles output and adds a handful of new songs too.

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