Indian Wars or How the West Was Won

When we last visited the Vancouver, BC garage scene the Dead Ghosts had just released their self-titled debut album that hinted at country and rockabilly but was mostly straight ahead garage. Indian Wars have just released their own debut and have upped the ante in the country garage sweepstakes. Sounding like a less paisley, more cactus and tumbleweeds Long Ryders these cowboys from British Columbia gallop through 13 songs on their debut entitled Walk Around the Park. It’s a dusty stampede of a record that will either have you replacing your garage door with swinging ones or just wholesale trading in your garage for a stable. Hee-haw!!!! Hope these guys ride down to Seattle one of these days, border crossings and barbed wire be damned, because when I saw them here last year at the Funhouse they proved they could bring it live as well.

mp3: Indian Wars – 8 Feet High (from Walk Around the Park)

In related news the Long Ryders just had their first album Native Sons re-issued and is well worth checking out, especially side one which doesn’t let up.

In geographically related news, another Vancouver band Manic Attracts which have ties to Dead Ghosts, Shimmering Stars, Time Copz and Chains Of Love have just released their first album Eyes Wide Shut and is recommended if you dug that Myelin Sheaths record from last year.


  1. alex twist · June 27, 2011

    The Long Ryders re-issue also contains their first ep wich is worth checking too

    i will check Indian War , i’ve heard their name a few tiles but never listenned to them, your description makes me want to listen to this a little further

    • Toby · June 28, 2011

      My ‘old’ CD copy of Native Sons also had that first ep on it. I think this new version contains some radio sessions and some b-sides as well.

  2. JMH · July 12, 2011

    The new Indian Wars lp is great. A little more swampy gun club than Long Ryders but still a fantastic lp. And any reference to Long Ryders is a good thing. I

    • Toby · July 12, 2011

      Hadn’t thought of Gun Club, but I hear that now. Weird how Gun Club seem to be a recurring touch-point for a lot of bands today, given their relative obscurity.

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