People, People, the Small Reactions

About a week ago Atlanta’s Gold-Bears let it be known via their Twitter feed that people should check out fellow Atlantans Small Reactions. I follow Gold Bears for a reason, so I clicked the link. Cue cracking songs with buzzing guitars and big hooks (I’m such a sucker for this kind of thing). I’m hooked and a nascent super-fan after one song.

Small Reactions have been around for a few years but only released their first single (self-released) late last year which you can download for free over at their Bandcamp. Single number two is set to be unleashed in August and it’s another corker. The A-side, Nerve Pop starts surfy and then gives way to jangle and then to a big payoff chorus. There’s no mistake, this is pop done right. On the B-side they let loose, starting out in a noisy maelstrom that morphs into a groove that would make the Eddy Current Suppression Ring sweat. Wow these guys can bring it. Line up at you local record shop (if you still have one) for this one.

mp3: Small Reactions – Nerve Pop


  1. Ben · July 7, 2011

    *Stands up and applauds* Tune! Have to find that first 7″ now…

  2. Ben · July 8, 2011

    Thanks, I found that and bought it: their international shipping costs lightened my wallet considerably…

    • Toby · July 8, 2011

      I’ve done without a few records lately because of outrageous overseas shipping costs.

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  5. Scott · August 5, 2011

    fantastic tune.
    remind me of an old australian band called glide in the voice.

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