Tunabunny’s Heat Up (and Cool Down)

Tunabunny are back with with a big slice of summer pop for you. Their new single which just came out on HHBTM has a hot and cool side, as all quality summer singles should have. The hot side  contains (Song for My) Solar Sister, possibly the most straightforward pop song the band has recorded to date. It starts with a riff that immediately gets your attention and then adds haunting vocals and some nice bass that reminds me of both Pod era Breeders and early Helium singles. The B-side cools things down. Airport is droning groove number that hums along. It’s all melody, bass and weird theremin-like keyboard. It may not be a good indicator, but I have always found myself judging bands on the quality of their B-sides. Bands that use them to try new things, push the envelope, or just slap an amazing song on the back side because they can always have ranked as some of my favorite bands. With this new single Tunnabunny are edging themselves into my favorites category. Look for album number two this fall.

mp3: Tunabunny – (Song for My) Solar Sister (Order the single from HHBTM)


  1. Matthew · July 19, 2011

    Ooh, like this. Just purchased, and will pop it on the podcast this week too I think.

    If the inevitable 90s revival means more Breeders than Oasis I will be happy.

    • Toby · July 20, 2011

      Bring on the 90’s I say. When’s the baggy revival due?

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