Dog Food On the Floor and I Been Like This Before

Every 20 years comes the nostalgia. So the 90’s wayback machine seems to kicking into full throttle this year with too many bands to name looking back on that decade for inspiration. Swedes by way of the UK with an Italian name Francobollo have got their slacker poses pretty well perfected at this very early stage of their career. How early? Cassettes and CD-R’s early, but they’ve got a handful of songs that take some of the weirdness of Braniac and Beck, pave it over with slackness add some of their own Euro eccentricities and come up with newly minted lovable weirdness. I say weird, but in this day and age, it takes quite a lot to be weird. Francobollo are more like your geeky, off-beat little brother who has come up with something to match.

mp3: Francobollo – Try?

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