Doing It

I always admire people who actually do the things that I only sit idly by and think about. Starting a record label that puts out 7-inch singles is one of those things that I daydream about quite often. That is exactly what the 7 Inches blog has done. Not the daydreaming part, the starting a label part. The label is called Sweaters and Pearls and the inaugural single is a co-release with Velocity of Sound. It’s a split single between Virginia’s Super Vacations and Pittsburgh’s Ceiling Stares. Super Vacations take early Unrest and splice it with some Guided By Voices to come up with  some spikey good sounds. If you haven’t checked out their album from last year and their other current split 7-inch with Eternal Summers  this is the perfect place to wet your feet. I’m less familiar with the Ceiling Stares, but their side is no let-down and keeps with the 90’s indie vibe set by the Super Vacations.

The single is limited to 500 copies, 250 on green vinyl from Velocity of Sound and 250 on purple from Sweaters & Pearls. Choices, choices…

stream: The Super Vacations – Controller

stream: The Super Vacations – Hexing

stream: The Ceiling Stares – A Tunnel Through the Air

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