Rat Columns is a one man pop project from Perth, Australia. The one man David West no longer lives there. He’s since relocated to San Francisco, USA. Earlier this year Frisco’s Ros Records put out a Rat Columns Cassette and now the highlights of that cassette have been released on a 7-inch on another San Francisco label SmartGuy Records.

Even though West is now living in the US, Rat Columns sound decidedly down under. Both the Clean and the Moles are good points of reference. I Wonder, and Darkness have dark pop essence to them. Catchy yet moody, verging on goth. The other two songs Keep Waiting and Glass Coffin come from a more experimental and weirder realm. The former drones with screeching guitars while the latter sounds like he’s been listening to John Cage records. West is also in Rank/Xerox who have  just released their debut album on another SF label Make a Mess. He seems like he is a restless guy, trying different styles of music on like jackets. They all seem to fit quite well, but I’m more partial to his more straightforward side on which this SmartGuy single focuses.

Grab one of the 500 copies pressed from SmartGuy Records.

stream: Rat Columns – I Wonder

stream: Rat Columns – Darkness

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