Erik Blood Goes To the Movies

A couple years ago Erik Blood, former member of Seattle’s Turn-Ons, released his first solo album The Way We Live that deftly combined elements of shoegaze and soul music. The Way We Live was one of my favorite albums of 2009. If you missed it head over to Blood’s bandcamp page to rectify that oversight.

It’s been two years since that record, in the meantime Blood has been busy in the production/recording chair doing records with the Moondoggies and Shabbaz Palaces. He has now turned his golden ear back to his own music, writing the music for a Brazilian movie called Center of Gravity.  Now that we are all connected by tiny chips behind our ears, an album that is mostly unknown in its own hometown can make its way down to Brazil to a film director.  That director Steven Richter can hear it and think, damn,this guy’s music would be great for my film.

The music for the soundtrack has a predominantly ambient feel which permeates much of this mostly instrumental album. Seven of the ten tracks are instrumentals and each one is overwhelming evidence that Blood is up to the task of doing a soundtrack. Some of the tracks are sound landscapes that wouldn’t be out of place on a Cocteau Twins or Blue Nile album, while others like Shut the Fuck Up create a ruckus similar to Radiohead‘s The National Anthem. A couple even have a Henri Mancini feel to them with their lush playful strings. The songs where Blood lends his voice are bound to be the ones that most will gravitate to first (and likely leaving you wanting more). Or Am I Wrong and So Many Things up the romance level of the album significantly. Making this record the equivalent to having an aphrodisiac in your stereo, and a perfect one to fit into your arsenal of romance records right beside those Cocteau Twins and Blue Nile records.

For those wondering what’s next for Mr. Blood, he’s promising a new non-soundtrack album for early next year.



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