Swiftumz 4EVA

Chris McVicker, aka Swiftumz seems to get compared with the current crop of lo-fi starry eyed bedroom popsters like Ariel Pink/John Maus/Stevie Moore. Those guys don’t have a patent on that style of course. Those of us older than 22 will remember the lo-fi Baby Bird records, the Busy Signals, His Name is Alive and ESP Summer albums from the past 20 years that utilized the same aesthetic. Whatever your point of reference, Don’t Trip the first album from McVicker’s Swiftumz persona is well worth checking out.

The aesthetic is introverted lo-fi, but the pallet is much broader for this San Francisco bedroom troubadour. Too Many Friends uses the same brush that Felt (or the Tyde) used on Ballad of the Band. More Than Sleep is an impression of Darklands Jesus & Mary Chain and Tuff Guy & If U Were Mine steal a few brushstrokes from NoBunny.

Don’t Trip willingly and effortlessly reveals it’s charms. Good records are always about the songs and Swiftumz definitely has those, the adornments are just icing on the cake.

Swiftumz’ Don’t Trip is available directly from Holy Mountain.

stream: Swiftumz – Angelita

stream: Swiftumz – Too Many Friends

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