A Hazy Shade of Jangle Goth

A ton is being written currentlyabout Veronica Falls and their new self-titled debut long player and for good reason, it  is easily one of the best pop records of the year. If you are a fan of  the autumnal sounds of the 60’s like the Mama’s and the Papas and Simon & Garfunkle, lightning fast jangle similar to the Bats or early Wedding Present,  lyrical darkness that verges on goth,  the innate ability to incorporate the psychedelia of the 60’s into a pop song and still make it danceable the way the Stone Roses did on their first album (yes, it’s that good) and have not heard this album then see about correcting that as soon as possible (details below).

Veronica Falls were in Seattle last week to open for the Drums at the Crocodile.  The four piece band slashed through their set to a nearly packed Crocodile. I’m pretty certain that the majority of the people  were there for Drums, but they got an unexpected treat while waiting around. Singer and guitarist Roxanne Clifford handles her big red hollow body Fender guitar like it is an appendage she was born with, moving it about and strumming the hell out of it. Her playing is perfectly timed with other guitarist James Hoare to create a jangly web of bliss inside the listener’s head. She’s a great front person too, with confidence and a classic indie look. I bet Stuart Murdoch is ringing her up so he can photograph here for the next Belle and Sebastian cover. The songs sounded great live with the harmonies from both Hoare and drummer Patrick Doyle standing out over their little maelstrom of strumming.

Doyle and Clifford were in Sexy Kids and the Royal We together while Hoare played in Your Twenties, and that previous experience is evident in their playing. They’re a young band, but they seemed like old pros playing with seasoned confidence. I guess confidence is easy when you know that you’ve got a gold mine of great songs.

Here is some video of a new song they played:

Order the album on CD or vinyl from Slumberland.

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