Boning Up On Austin’s Literature

Jangle-pop could be my Achilles’ heel, and Austin, Texas band Literature‘s new album is like an arrow to my foot.  You may remember their Cincinnati 7-inch single from 2010 which was three songs of the jangly stuff.  Arab Spring is their first full length and they are obviously up to the task of keeping your attention for the length of an album. Every one of its 10 songs is an adrenalin rush with pop hook. There are so many good ones, I’m partial to the hyper manic Push Up Bra and Criminal Kids and the slightly more restrained title track and Grifted.

They have some similarities with Voxtrot, another jangle-pop band from Austin from a few years ago, but I like Literature more because they’re less Morrissey and Belle & Sebastian and more McTells, Bluebells and Cause Co-motion. If you are a fan of records on Captured Tracks or Slumberland these days, definitively check out Literature. Their album is up as free download at their Bandcamp site. Expect a vinyl release of it in February on Square of Opposition/Austin Town Hall Records.

mp3: Literature – Arab Spring

More Literature: The video for It’s Cruel which appeared on the Cincinnati 7-inch is an homage to one of the best actors of our generation.


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