The Whacked Out Narcolepsy of Woollen Kits

Melbourn, Australia’s Woollen Kits have just released their self-titled debut album via RIP Society and have commenced a tour of the US this week. These are three brave young men, embarking on a tour of the US virtually unknown and with no American record label. On the plus side they have a new record under their belts, and probably feel unstoppable. Of course, they may just be crazy. The self-titled album is crazy, as in crazy good.

The band has two singers, one makes them sound like the Clean and the other makes them veer towards Beat Happening with his deeper baritone. Vocals aside, some of the guitar workouts sound like they’ve been hanging out with Eddy Current Suppression Ring which wouldn’t be surprising since ECSR guitarist Mikey Young has his hand in nearly every good record coming out of Australia these days and this album is no exception as he’s credited with mastering it.

The Kits know how to write a song, they get in give, deliver the hooks and get out leaving you wanting more.  The album is nine songs long and none go beyond three and half minutes. Out of Whack is the most immediate with its distorted jangly guitars and chorus that combines high and low vocals to great effect. A close second is the opener Sloan that does similar magic. These guys cannot only be catchy but they can be funny too. University Narcolepsy explores how easy it is to sleep through classes, “You really gotta get your rest if you want to be the very best.”

Last year saw some great records from down under with the likes of the Twerps, Kitchens Floor, UV Race and Total Control and this Woollen Kits album easily holds its  own with every one of those records. See ’em if their in your town!

stream: Woollen Kits – Out Of Whack (from their self-titled album, get it from Goner)

US Tour Dates:

Fri 27th Jan at Audie’s Olympic, FRESNO
Sat 28th Jan at 1234 Go! Records, OAKLAND
Sun 29th Jan at Knockout, SAN FRANCISCO
Tues 31st Jan at Bows And Arrows, SACRAMENTO
Wednesday 1st Feb at The Know, PORTLAND
Fri 3rd Feb at Josephine, SEATTLE
Mon 6th Feb at Memory Lanes. MINNEAPOLIS
Tues 7th Feb at Quarters Rock N Roll Palace, MILWAUKEE
Wed 8th Feb at Permanent (afternoon),CHICAGO
Wed 8th Feb at Crown Tap Room, CHICAGO
Thurs 9th Feb at PJs Lager House, DETROIT
Fri 10th Feb at Now That’s Class Basement, CLEVELAND
Sat 11th Feb at Copy Cat Building, BALTIMORE
Sun 12th Feb at Level Room, PHILADELPHIA
Thurs 16th Feb at Death By Audio. BROOKLYN
Fri 17th Feb at Cafe Nine, NEW HAVEN
Sat 18th Feb at Plough N Stars, BOSTON

Video for Out of Whack:



  1. Andy Pritchard · January 26, 2012

    Yikes – very nice. Lovelovelove the Clean, Surf City, et al, this hits a great sweet spot. Thanks for this!

  2. Steve Robinson (@zeus163) · February 1, 2012

    Do you have any more info on this Friday’s show. I basically only know the address for the venue, but don’t know start times or other acts. I couldn’t seem to find a true website for Josephine. Looking forward to the show this week.

    • Toby · February 2, 2012

      There’s a little more info here. The Josephine use to have a MySpace page, but it’s gone. This may be their Facebook page. I doubt anything will start before 9:30, but who knows.

      • Steve Robinson (@zeus163) · February 2, 2012

        Thanks. I dug Orca Team the last time I saw them. The link shows the show starting at 8, so I might try and get there by then.

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