Kick(start) Me

If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s a site that allows you to solicit funding from friends, family and total strangers for any creative project you can dream up. Who needs a sugar daddy when you’ve got the generous benevolence of the internet? The basic idea is you state what your project is, provide some incentives (ie. gifts) to get people to donate their hard earned cash to you, and then wait for the funds to roll in. It’s a lot like a public radio fund drive.  With so many people out there seemingly just dying to part with their money I’ve come up with a project of my own. I’ve decided to set up a kickstarter to fund my record buying habit*. Here’s what you get for your donation, besides of course the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’ve helped me reach my goal of being able to feed my family and buy large amounts of vinyl. Thanks in advance for your support!

Pledge $1 or more and receive a personally selected mp3 emailed directly to the inbox of your choosing.

Pledge  $10 or more and receive a random back issue of Mojo, Big Takeover, Puncture, Chickfactor, Magnet, Wire, Uncut, Select, Word, NME, Melody Maker or any other random zine I have lying around taking up valuable space in my house.

Pledge $25 or more and receive your choice of a handmade tacky badge that reads “I paid for the finest kiss” or “I bought a record for some dude on the internet” from my in-house vintage badge maker.

Pledge $50 or more and receive a random unwanted promo CD (probably comes in broken jewel case).

Pledge $100 or more and receive a random Mojo CD (possibly in a broken jewel case).

Pledge $250 or more and receive a personal recommendation about what record you should buy next.

Pledge $500 or more and receive a a visit from me to  your house (you pay transportation and lodging costs) to go through your CD/Record/Tape and MP3 collection and give you suggestions about what to buy/explore next based on what is in your collection.

Pledge $750 or more  I do the same as the $500 level with the added insurance of me not making fun of anything in your collection.

Pledge $1000 or more makes  me your personal buyer of music for one year (you supply the $$ for the music, I decide what to buy in duplicate. One for me, one for you).

*Apologies to anyone who already saw this on my tumblr blog

One comment

  1. aj · February 8, 2012

    i feel like I must owe you at least the $750 a few times over. . .

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