Detective Agency

Anyone out there remember the Lucksmiths song Detective Agency from their album the Green Bicycle Case? New Seattle band Detective Agency don’t sound anything like that Australian band, but that was the kind of my logic going on in my head when I clicked on a link to listen to them a few months ago. Better points of reference would be Tiger Trap, Ramones, Tuscadero and perhaps the Shop Assistants.

Up until last week they had a few songs floating around the internet. I remember a week back in November of last year when I listened to Daggers about 20 times in a row. It was just a demo. They’ve re-recorded it and made it better. I think I may have listened to the new version 21 times in  row. Last week the band put up an official EP over at their bandcamp site as a free download for a limited time (the free part ends Valentine’s Day).

Daggers is on there, but a that ain’t it. Empty Apartment rivals it with its tasty pop licks. Summer Song is no slouch either, it chugs along with cocktail interludes while You and Me is a little melancholy but still hooky. For the final song Smoke a Cig they hand the vocals over to the one boy in the band and he doesn’t screw it up.

You’re still here? Go and download this thing already! It’s five songs that are so good, you’ll wish it was ten.

mp3: Detective Agency – Daggers (from the Daggers EP )

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