In on Blooper’s Secret

In case you hadn’t noticed there’s a ton of great pop bands springing up in Seattle that are totally geared towards my tastes. Blooper go for my Razorcuts, Jason Falkner and Teenage Fanclub (who’s Song To the Cynic they cover) jugular. They released their Ballard Avenue EP last year which flew under my radar, but Blooper are now locked in my sights with their big jangly Rickenbacker fueled riffs and an excellent new EP on the way. Secret Song is from that upcoming EP and if you are a fan of buzz-saw powerpop, let me be the first to let the cat out of the bag.

mp3: Blooper – Secret Song

You can also grab their first EP for free over at their bandcamp page, and if you’re in Seattle, Blooper have a few shows coming up:

Mar 15 – Funny Button (w/ Posse, Neighbors & Dude York)
Mar 23 – The In
Apr 24 – Cafe Venus And The Mars Bar

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