Found Found Found

Sleuth‘s cassette Brave Knew Nothing has been available for nearly a year, but I just found out about it about a week ago. A quick search through my RSS reader shows that they’ve mostly avoided detection up to now save for an appearance on a Cloudberry fanzine CD. The sharp detectives in charge of the NY Popfest have been on their trail as well and the band will be appearing at this year’s Popfest scheduled May 17 – 20.

How has this excellent Vancouver, BC band and their wonderful EP gone mostly unnoticed for nearly a year? Dunno. Each one of the six songs on the EP is a winner. Sleuth singer and guitarist who goes by The Lion In Love has a lion of voice that propels their songs beyond so much of today’s run of the mill indiepop. If you were fan of the Long Blondes, remember Sleeper or dig Standard Fare, then Sleuth are well worth investigating further.

mp3: Sleuth – Unceremonious Splendor (from Brave Knew Nothing available at their bandcamp)

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