Inspiration, Perspiration and Electricity In Our Homes

I read an interview with Electricity In Our Homes where they said that they were influenced by early Postcard records by Orange Juice and Joseph K. On side two of their new album Dear Shareholder which came out a few weeks ago on Fierce Panda, the song Nothing, If Not Lovely starts off with what sounds like a riff lifted from OJ, but then goes all wonky and ends up in some dissonant plane. That, in a nutshell (sorry) is Electricity In Our Homes. There are songs like Oranges with a rattling riff and unforgettable refrain: you’re unhappy because you don’t know you are happy that are immediate and riveting, and then there are some that seem to lose the plot like the afore mentioned Nothing, If Not Lovely.

So why am I bothering to write about a record that isn’t 100% awesome? Because when Dear Shareholder is great, it’s really great and the louder you play it the greater it is. Songs will accelerate to a breaking point like We Are All Trooping Off in a Big Old Gang and then totally slow down and turn into something entirely different and then revert again. I can only imagine that live these songs really come to life. Via the recorded medium they can play havoc with you, like hanging out with a split personality. Sometimes they are the Kinks or the Talking Heads, and at others they are Leika or Syd Barrett. At the very end, on a hidden track that comes up after you think it’s done, they decide that they’re deformed reggae and do a nutso cover of UB40‘s Here I Am Baby. Electricity In Our Home obviously are doing things with complete disregard for the mainstream and have made record that is at the least interesting and at times quite good.

mp3: Electricity In Our Homes – Oranges (from Dear Shareholder)

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  1. söcsö · April 6, 2012

    thanks, fantastic band and album!

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