Kelley, Caroline and Marcy

The floors of Kelley Stoltz‘ San Francisco digs must be littered with great songs. When he cleans, he probably throws a bunch out into the dumpster because they’re crowding him out. Of course he doesn’t throw all of them out with the dishwater, he sometimes put’s them on wax. As a stop-gap between albums (and recording the next Mantles album) Stoltz has just released a 7-inch single on Les Disques Steak over in France. He’s calling it Two Imaginary Girls: Caroline is the A-side and Marcy is the B-side.

“Caroline, Well you’ve been sung about so many times,” Stoltz deadpans. Yes Caroline has been the muse to many songwriters, but Stoltz’ contribution to the Caroline cannon is easily up there with the best of them. It’s an undeniable rocker with so many hooks in it that when Kelley tried to throw it out it got stuck in the doorjamb. Marcy hasn’t had as many song written about her, probably because it doesn’t roll from the tongue the way Caroline does, but Stoltz makes her name sound pretty in a strange way with his Marcy refrain. This sadder acoustic beauty is B-side in name only.  Only 300 of these records were pressed up, so head on over to Les Disques Steak to get a copy.

stream: Kelley Stoltz – Two Imaginary Girls 7″

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