No Basementcast Before Its Time: Basementcast #18

We haven’t had a basementcast since September of last year. What the heck? What’s with the delay? If you must know the basementcast has been in cryogenic purgatory for these past few months. To make a long story longer, there was a leak in the basement, the water froze and it’s just now thawing out. No damage done, in fact the basementcast says that it’s feeling rejuvenated. I guess all that time spent in the deep freeze with Walt Disney and Orson Welles has done a little something for the creative juices. Maybe it was just waiting until the medical know-how existed to make it bigger stronger faster and tastier. Apparently that time is now, and to paraphrase those infamous Paul Masson commercials from the 70’s, the basementcast is now more mature, complex and contains  much nicer wood.
download: basementcast #18 (~155Mb)

Batitda – Tirei o Chapéu from Batida
Vex Ruffin – Secret Weapon from Eulogy EP
Lower Dens – Brains from Nootropics

Sugar Stems – Greatest Pretender from Certified PR 7″
Detective Agency – Daggers from Daggers EP
Wendy Rene – Gone For Good from After Laughter Comes Tears: Complete Stax & Volt Singles

Ex Cops – You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb (Original Dram Session) from Other Music 7″
Hollows – Golden Chain from Vulture
Jimmy Ruffin & David Ruffin – When My Love Hand Comes Down  from I Am My Brother’s Keeper

Channel 3 – Manzanar from The Skinhead Years
7 Seconds – In Your Face from Walk Together, Rock Together
Wimps – Stop Having Fun from demo
Terry Malts – Not A Christian from Killing Time
Descendents – I Like Food – from the Fat EP

Deep Time – Clouds from Deep Time
The Zoltars – You Can Take It If You Want from Should I Try Once More?
Guy Harvey – The Rope from Mayo Factory 7″

The Vickers – Baby G from Fine For Now
Sleuth – We’re Not Friends Yet from Brave Knew Nothing
Young Prisms – Gone from In Between
Aggi Doom – Cakewalk from Soft Abuse 7″

King Tuff – Wild Desire from Suicide Squeeze 7″
Tronics – T.V. On In Bed from Love Backed By Force
Outfit – Drakes from Another Night’s Dreams Reach Earth Again

Del Shannon – Gemini from The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover
Cardinal – Rosemary Livingstone from Hymns
Kaleidoscope – Jenny Artichoke from Tangerine Dream
The Minders – Almost Arms from Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends


  1. captainbildad · May 8, 2012

    Oh no! Seems to be a glitch after 46mins, during The Zoltars. I can’t hear the rest!

    • Toby · May 8, 2012

      Doh! It looks like it got messed up when I uploaded it to the server. I’ll have to re-upload it when I get home.

      • Toby · May 8, 2012

        The basementcast is now fixed. Thanks for the heads up. You should win some kind of award for making it to 46 minutes. ;-)

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