The Intelligence Finally Found in the Back of the Galaxy

It’s no secret around here that the Intelligence are one of my favorite bands, period. I’ve been looking forward to their upcoming album Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me all year. The Intelligence use to be based in Seattle and they would play every few months and I could easily get my fix. Well, things changed late last year when main brain Lars Finberg upped and moved down to Los Angeles.  I’ve been in withdrawal ever since, so it’s with great relief to hear the first song (They found me in the back of) The Galaxy from their upcoming seventh album . This very song immediately implanted itself in my brain when I first heard it last year at the Crocodile when they played with Kid Kongo. Lars nonchalantly introduced it as an old song. Smart-ass, like he’d been sitting on one of the best songs he’d ever written his entire career. Hell, maybe he did pull it from old cassette and resuscitated it. The guy probably has shoe boxes full of ’em.

mp3: The Intelligence – (They found me in the back of) The Galaxy (from the album Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me due in June on In the Red)

The song is also available on a split 7-inch with Kelley Stoltz. Now if there was ever a record made specifically for me this has gotta be it. The single is limited to 600 copies with 200 of them being yellow colored vinyl. Have at it.


  1. Martin Douglas · May 8, 2012

    the whole LP is so good. like, fake surfers good.

    • Toby · May 8, 2012

      Oh man, you’re killing me!

  2. David Glickman · May 9, 2012

    Fucking hell this is great. Thank you so much Toby. Any suggestion on where to start with their massive discography?

    • Toby · May 10, 2012

      I’d start with Fake Surfers, and then maybe Deuteronomy. They’re all good. I wish they’d do a comp of all their singles. There are so many great songs on those singles and most of them are OOP. Their first 7″ Girlfriends and Boyfriends is both amazing and amazingly expensive to get. I think I’ve seen it for $40 on Discogs. Time for a compilation Lars!

  3. Nathan · May 10, 2012

    Toby, if you don’t have the record, let me know. I can send it your way…blogger to blogger.

  4. Toby · May 17, 2012

    Got the single in the mail the other day. It’s not a split 7″. Kelley Stoltz plays and sings on The Galaxy and it’s mixed by ECSRer Mikey Young. The b-side is the Intelligence as well, a song called Lake Dracula.

  5. Larry Hardy · June 5, 2012

    The album is available at the In The Red site as of today.

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