The Eversons Get Better

What if Weezer were from New Zealand? The obvious answer is that probably nobody would have ever heard of them. Well, you people would have, because you guys are erudite pop aficionados. The Eversons are from New Zealand, so they’re working with one hand tied behind their back, but they’re taking the bull by the horns and moving to Melbourne, Australia. Not really, though they allude to it in their song Heading Overseas.

I’ll admit it, I was never much of a Weezer fan, so I’m going on hearing only a handful of their songs and the fact that the Eversons themselves tagged their bandcamp page with that band. The Eversons excel in writing songs containing call and response lyrics with a mean sense of humor. Comedians often talk about their jokes being rooted in sadness, depression and truth and if that is to be believed, then the Eversons seem to mining their own discontent. These songs on the surface seem to be off the cuff funny, but on closer listen the songs give way to vitriol. That’s what makes their debut album Summer Feeling sustain, the humor kind of gets your attention, but the underlying malcontent and frustration keep you coming back. That and the fact that these guys can write a pop song.

Yeah, there’s the afore mentioned Buddy Holly worshippers, but the Eversons also look to the Kinks and Blur in the way they architect their songs around the ordinary guy. They’re lucky to have two songwriters, which provides some diversity to the music. Some songs have an off-kilter weirdness of the Moles and others are more direct with their big clean riffs bringing to mind the Wannadies. The Eversons’ EP  from last year was promising, and the New Zealand band fully deliver on that promise with this LP. Maybe they’ll move to Melbourne and make it big.

mp3: The Eversons – Heading Overseas (from Summer Feeling available from Lil’ Chief)

Stream the entire record: Bandcamp



  1. Ben · May 31, 2012

    Great find. Just bought it – their label is charging through the roof for the record and shipping (from the UK). It’s cheaper from the always-overpriced Rough Trade. That’s a first.

    • Toby · June 1, 2012

      That’s some expensive cardboard! Shipping charges are so random. Some are dirt cheap while others cost nearly as much as the record itself. Nice green vinyl though, can be worth a little extra.

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