Diving For Pearls

Lou Reed once sang “It’s hard being a man living in a garbage pail”. Amida kick off their new EP with a brash rocker called My Life as Trashcan. Undoubtedly, living in a dumpster is be hard, but what about being the dumpster? All those dirty people violating your personal space, diving into you, taking your stuff, not to mention getting picked up by the forklift of a big truck and getting turned upside down.  It’s an attention-grabbing single, kind of dirty, kind of dangerous, and kind of weird.

Amida’s slightly off kilter pop reminds me of Franklin Burno’s Nothing Painted Blue who could bookishly rock it like nobody’s business. There’s some laid-back meandering that reminds me of Pavement and some go- it-your-own-way pop of  Washington DC’s High Back Chairs. With all those American references you might be surprised to find out Amida hail from the north of England. Manchester to be precise. They’ve recently released a new EP on Seattle’s very own Jigsaw Records. How does a Seattle label end up releasing a record from a Manchester band? Haven’t you heard? The world’s a small place, even for trashcans.

mp3: Amida – My Life As a Trashcan (EP available from Jigsaw Records)


  1. Wally · June 19, 2012

    Amida did an amazing Television Personalities cover for volume 3 of our tribute series. If you would like a copy – let me know.

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